So It Began

My first portrait "Raquel With Wings" which I painted almost 2 years ago was the starting point of my journey on painting.

You see, I am a pragmatic person, everything I do has to serve a purpose. I used not to give much thought on painting maybe because I was never exposed myself enough to be inspired by one. 

I preferred an art that not only was beautiful but served a practical purpose, but painting to me was to decorate a surface........until I painted her with wings.

My college friend passed away the day after I last saw her. Never in my life I thought of her leaving the world the way she had left it. I was compelled to continue her story with new life and with the smile I had always remembered her with. I only had one blurry picture of her face when we were kids and I've never painted a portrait before, but I was determined to continue her story. 

On my canvas I gave her wings, dressed her in white, gave her sunshine and floated her above the clouds. She was as light as air, and as free as a bird. She was strong, radiant, beautiful, youthful, and full of life. She was happy to watch her kids growing up from above, protecting her love ones who she will be waiting to unite one day. I wanted to remember her this way.....

While I was painting her, my sorrow for her left me, I was filled with joy for her new life. And at the end when it was gifted to her family on earth, it gave them a lasting moment of transcendence.

It inspired me.....a painting, it served more than just beautification of a surface. It took me 6 months after to really take in that experience. 

Art could be anything you decide it to be, but mine will always carry the very heart of me and hopefully it will trigger transcending moment for those who come-across it.